Remember the cobbler’s story?

The one where the cobbler’s children had no shoes because he was always to busy making or mending shoes for others?

Well, this website is kind of like that.

By my estimate, which may be incorrect, this is the 7th iteration of my official author website.  I keep tinkering.


Because I can.

See, I’m a programmer by trade.  I have been writing code for longer than I care to mention.  I’m good at it AND I enjoy it.  It’s been hard to put aside that career to concentrate on this one.  But this year I am doing just that.  I’m taking off my programmer hat and putting on my writing hat.

I have actually been writing for over a decade.  In addition to finishing NaNoWriMo four times, I’ve completed five novels.  The past two years I’ve been polishing two of these novels – read, revise, edit, read, run it by my fantastic critique partners, revise, edit, etc.

Now it’s time to send the first of these out into the world.  I’ve started querying agents and hope to find a home for Cold, Hard Cache.

Which brings me back to this website.  I’m not promising this will be the final iteration because, as I said, I love to tinker with code, but I will definitely try to leave it alone.

Just like I’m trying to leave the book I’m querying alone.  But that’s a post for a different day…